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Doona Liki Trike S3 Grey Hound

SKU: SP53099030

Th Designed to grow with your child, the Liki Trike is suitable for toddlers from 10 months to 3 years old. Just move between Liki's functional product stages as your child grows.

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It’s time to get ready for the Liki Trike S3 – the world’s  most innovative and compact folding tricycle . Behind the Liki Trike there is the idea of ​​solving the problems of customary tricycles and providing tricycles that grow with children with more mobility – without abandoning quality, safety and a modern design. Liki benefits from all the know-how from the manufacturing process as well as the high-quality standards of its big sister, the Doona+ infant car seat with built-in chassis. Thanks to the  compact folded size  and its low weight of 6.7 kg, you can take Liki almost anywhere – whether that be to the city, to grandma and grandpa or on vacation. The  compact folded size  even meets the  common dimensions of carry-on luggage in airplanes  and  can also be stored in a space-saving size at home . The unique folding mechanism ensures  super quick assembly and disassembly within 3 seconds only . With the  unique urban design,  parents and their kids are  always cool and safe when being on the go  and never have to miss any of the fun outside again. Thanks to  high-quality materials  such as fibre-reinforced polymers, stainless aluminium, PU foam tyres and premium fabrics, Liki stands out as an  extremely robust  companion. Parents can adjust almost everything on that trike to meet their and their kids’ individual needs: whether that be the backrest that can be inclined in 3 levels and additionally reduced in height to “lumbar support”, the 5-point safety belt which can also be removed, the quick-change pedals with foot straps that can either be detached at the push of a button or used as a footrest or the height-adjustable push bar. Liki provides modern parents with a  5-in-1 mobility solution  and differentiates between  four operational phases: Phase 1: suitable for children from 10 up to 18 months. Liki is to be used with the safety bar, high backrest, pedals, UV canopy and push bar. Phase 2: suitable for children from 18 up to 24 months; similar to Phase 1. The safety bar and, if necessary, the UV canopy can be detached, the pedals can already be transferred to the front, the steering by the child, however, is still deactivated. Phase 3: suitable for children from about 24 up to 30 months. The pedals are already set in a pedalling function and the steering by the child can be activated. The 5-point safety belt may or may not be removed during this phase. Phase 4: suitable for children older than 30 months. Your child can steer the trike on his/ her own, the low backrest is installed and the push bar is to be detached. The 5th and final phase describes the use of the Liki Trike in its folded state – whether that be at home, in the car, on the plane or on vacation. Depending on the age of the child and the situation, the push bar can easily be used to switch back and forth between your child steering and pedalling the trike or you as a parent controlling and steering the trike. Details: Suitable for children from 10 up to 36 months Approved, maximum body weight: 25 kg Most innovative and compact foldable tricycle in the world Pre-assembled delivery, only push bar and pedals must be attached Unique folding mechanism enables assembly and disassembly within 3 seconds 3-way tilt-adjustable backrest which can be reduced to “lumbar support” Removable 5-point safety belt Quick-change pedals with foot straps Including push bar, UV canopy and safety bar Fabrics can be cleaned by hand wash Compact folded size: 23.3 x 32 x 59.5 cm Weight: 6,7kg
  • Age: Toddler (2-4 Years)
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