The Best Kinds of Toys for 1-Year-Old Children

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So the baby has just turned one, and you’re noticing that their world is starting to open up more and more. This is an incredible period in his or her life, and as a parent, it can be fascinating to watch it all unfold from day to day. Reaching a new milestone can also be daunting in a sense, as you probably want to make sure that you provide everything the child needs to facilitate their development and encourage them to play. At Toy Kingdom, we have a wide range of options available to help your child get the most out of their days during this phase of their lives. Look no further than the options we’ve set out for you here. 

Stacking Toys

Building and stacking can be a very fun part of being this age, especially as it develops hand-eye coordination, and encourages gross and fine motor skills. These toys can also help with teaching the child about spatial relationships and how shapes fit into various places based on their physical structure. A great sense of joy (or anguish!) can arise when the baby knocks down the stacks and has to start over again. This slowly starts to plant the seed of resilience, which will come in useful later. Stacking toys come in a wide range of forms so look around at all options, including stacking rings, cups or even this adorable stacking llama from Linkimals. 

Push Toys

From cars, fire trucks, trains and more, as your baby starts to become more mobile, push toys are a great way to encourage them to move, as well as to stimulate their imagination. These come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, some of which can be moved by hand, and others that are larger and can actually help them practice walking later. These toys make learning how to be upright in the world a lot of fun and introduces them to a wide range of new interactions for the first time. Better yet, it teaches them to associate movement with fun! For something a little more classic, try the push and pull giraffe from Hape. A snail push pal can be a great addition to the toy collection. 


Rainbow teddy bears


Themed Books

It’s never too early to learn, and the best kind of books for this age are the ones that they can scribble in or those that you read to them. There is a wide range of inflatable books on the market that can be perfect for making bath time more engaging (and a little less stressful for you as a parent). This is a simple way to teach the child that learning is fun, and helps them to associate books with playfulness and creativity, rather than seeing reading as a chore. As they start to get a bit older, you can then move on to Barney, Paw Patrol or Pixar colouring books, especially once you notice they are craving some creative independence. 

Exploring More Play & Learn Toys

We’ve only just scratched the surface of some of the options available to you as a parent to a twelve-month-old. At Toy Kingdom, we have an extensive range of play & learn toys that will have your child learning and having fun at the same time. We also have a lot of comfort toys like stuffed animals that are also just as important to help your child get a well-rounded experience as a toddler. Now that you know where to look, a world of adventure awaits you and your precious bundle of joy. 

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