The Best Nerf Guns For Every Budget

At Toy Kingdom, our range of action play toys cater to all budget types. Nerf guns are often top of the list for gift options if you’re on the lookout for something that will not only stimulate creative play and encourage social interaction, but will also help to get your child moving after hours of screen time. Our Nerf gun range features over 75 products, and entry level options start from as little as R250. If you’ve never heard of Nerf guns before, we’ve got you covered with an introduction right here, as well as giving you three options to choose from across different price brackets.

A Nerf gun is a toy gun that will give your child and their friends hours of fun. Hasbro was the first company to bring it to market over thirty years ago, and it was such a popular product that any foam disc or dart blasting toy gun is commonly referred to by the name (even if it is manufactured by another company). Although not an official acronym, Nerf is often referred to as “non-expanding recreational foam”, which makes sense considering the nature of the product. Expect your child to have hours of fun and entertainment with a Nerf gun, and don’t be shy to get a spare so they can enjoy it with a friend or a sibling too.

If you’re looking to introduce your child to Nerf guns, the Elite Microshots Strongarm is a great entry level option to consider. This toy is suitable for children over the age of eight, and comes with three different blasters, each of which fires single darts (and the pack includes two foam darts). Because it retails at an affordable R249.90 on our store, you might want to add a couple of extra darts to your shopping cart to make sure that playtime can last a little longer. After a couple of rounds of running around with their friends, expect some quiet time for yourself too, as they take a nap to recharge right after.

Mid-Range: +-R800.00

At the mid-range level, Nerf guns retail for around R800 to R1000. These guns have more bells and whistles than the entry level modes, and typically include more darts and clips. The Nerf Fortnite SMG e-Blaster is one of the most popular models in our range, retailing at the lower end of the range at R799.90. The toy comes with a battery powered motor and an acceleration button, amplifying the excitement levels of anyone playing with it. We should also mention that when you buy one of these, you get free delivery on your order, thanks to our policy of waiving the fee on orders over R450. Winning!

At the top end of the scale, there can be no better Nerf gun than the Ultra One. This powerhouse toy gun gets a lot of credit for the fact that it allows for the farthest flying nerf dart ever. Imagine the possibilities when your child can shoot playfully for up to 35 meters, which will not only improve their hand-eye coordination, but also give them hours of exciting adventures too. If the Ultra One is a little out of your price range, the Ultra Two is a great alternative, even though it doesn’t have as many features as its older brother. Whatever you decide, your child is in for a real treat.